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The Purpose of The Fifth Epochal Revelation

It seems obvious the sole purpose of the Urantia Book is to prepare us for the next revelation, which will be the appearance of a Magisterial Son, an Avonal Son, Christ himself, Machiventa Melchizedek, Adam and Eve, or all of the above.

It also seems quite apparent the general rule of revelation is always to set the stage for the next step of human evolution.

It is said Melchizedek, the ‘Sage of Salem’, “one without mother, or father, or without pedigree,” prepared the way for the later appearance of Jesus as the bestowal Son.

How did he prepare the way?

Machiventa Melchizedek introduced monotheism to humanity in 1,997 B.C., along with the idea of God being a real person, not just majestic force, or an energy field, or a spiritual phantasm who sits on high and toys with man as if he were a plaything. Melchizedek taught man about a personal Creator who rules creation, one god over all other Gods.

The new revelation of God from Melchizedek is He is one, He is the I AM, and it is your faith in this God that makes it possible for all people to survive mortal death into a life everlasting. That was his message, faith in an eternal God, even the “Lord God of Israel,” creator of all things.

Melchizedek, some two thousand years before Christ, then began to train teachers who carry this truth far and wide, to teach this to all people over the face of the earth.

And Machiventa Melchizedek did this for 99 years in that era when early civilization was emerging in the Middle East.

The Urantia Book states this Melchizedek, being of a divine order, was very well aware that, in due time, his Creator Son father, Christ, would come to this world as a bestowal Son to reveal God’s loving nature to the children of mankind.

Melchizedek also knew that in order for Christ to get a ‘warm reception,’ there had to be people who would be prepared to receive this divine promised Son.

For two thousand years monotheism spread to the ends of the earth, the idea of one God over many, began to find receptivity throughout the the civilized world, and this teaching had great influence over Hinduism, Islam, Judaism, and eventually later even , Christian teachings.

But it was Judaism (and specifically through the Kenites) that carried many of Melchizedek’s truths to the future;

Abraham would be the first in a long line of “prophets,” to carry the message of the coming Son of the living God.

Melchizedek accomplished his mission of keeping this truth alive fot two thousand years. In line with the Urantia Book teachings, Melchizedek was the third epochal revelation, and Jesus is the fourth epochal revelation of divine truth.

In this timeline we can observe that each of the preceding revelations tend to lay the groundwork for the next one. This is accurately stated in the Urantia Book of which each age is characterized by the revelatory epoch in which it appears, not unlike a software upgrade which allows more sophisticated information to be proccessed.

The first revelation occurred when man was but little more than a savage, so his concepts of deity were limited to ghost fear.

However, many early teachers understood concepts of “The Great Spirit,” “The Breathgiver, and “The One,” as given to them by the Dalimatuon teachings of long ago during the pre-history of even Gilgamesh.

But it was really the second revelation, the era of Adam and Eve that would begin to expose to early primitive man the reality of the spiritual world, and much of this survives in the Old Testament, even in the beginnings of Genesis, where we have record of God creating “the heavens and the earth.”

It was a small step to a better understanding of cosmology, the living universe.

Did Jesus prepare the way for the Urantia Book?


If there was no history of Jesus, no fourth revelation, then the Urantia Book would be pointless as a furtherance of his teachings. In the Urantia Book the fact of Jesus as a bestowal Son completes the story of creation as narrated in the first three parts of the Urantia Book.

It is because we have a reference point in Christianity that allows the latest fifth epochal revelation to emerge as a natural outgrowth from those original Judea-Christian teachings.

And what role will it play in preparing humanity for the sixth epochal revelatio?

If the Urantia Book revelators are correct in their assumption Melchizedek might come before Christ, then there would need to be a receptive group of people who would recognize him.

It is fair to say that if Melchizedek returned to our world today the world would hardly notice, much less believe it, except for the handful of Urantia Book readers who might comprehend such an appearance.

But what if Adam and Eve return ina thousand years from today? This has also be in hinted in the revelation. Who on earth would be prepared to receive them?

It could be a hundred years from, now, a thousand, or even two thousand years before the next revelation occurs, who would be prepared and how might they be preapared?

The Urantia Book authors only predict outcomes based on normal operating procedures, but since we are “out of step,” with most evolutionary worlds, it is hard to know what the next step might be in the epochal revelations timeline, except that we are assured there will be another visitation of a divine personage at some future point.

Whether it will be Adam and Eve, or Machiventa Melchizedek, Michael, or even some other Magisterial visitation from an Avonal Sons is anyone’s guess.

One thing is for sure, this is seed-planting time. The Urantia Book revelation has been in existence for less than one-hundred years. Melchizedek was on earth teaching for about the same time before he let Abraham take the reins, and monotheism was seeded for almost two-thousand years before Christ appeared on the scene.

We can note that Jesus’ teachings have been seeded for two-thousand years, and today we now have in our hands a new revelation which expounds upon on the previous four revelations like a summation report to bring humanity up to speed.

Let’s assume for a moment the next revelation might come in two-thousand years.

In this timeline it would give the Urantia Book plenty of time to seed and grow in the minds of humanity. For the next two millennia the new revelation of the life and teachings of Jesus, coupled with the newly revealed information on the spiritual history of our universe as it is disclosed in the fifth epochal revelation, these two components would be more than enough time to prepare us for the next revelation of truth, the divine presence introducing a new epochal age of spiritual revelation.

At present, I have heard some 800,0000 to one million people on earth today are active readers of the Urantia Book.

This is exciting.

It means we have a growing community, and it is comprised of people from all faiths.

So far, there has been no antagonistic reaction to the Urantia Book teachings. But this could be because at the present it poses no serious threat to any mainstream religion ot its authority.

In Jesus’ time his teachings were seen as a spiritual threat to contemporary religious doctrine, as well as a political threat to insecure Roman rulers.

As the Urantia teachings grow, its teachings could at some point become controversial, but thankfully at the present this does not appear to be the case.

The mission at hand is the same now as it was with the Caligastia’s one-hundred, as with the offspring of Adam and Eve’s progeny, of the Salem Missionaries of Melcizedek and the Apostles and disciples of Jesus: Carry on, read, study, write, publish, share the good news of the kingdom, that God is real and that we are all part of a growing, purposeful universe, a cosmic family of a spiritual creator who has made all of this life posdible, to be inhabited by fellow ascendant personalities who could love and share in the divine partnership and embrace.

Time is on our side, and God is in no hurry. 

Man on earth today, however, languishes in spiritual darkness, and it is my hope the Urantia Book will help bring light to darkness in ways contemporary religion is unable to accomplish during this so-called age of reason and material secularism.

The good news is we who find ourselves in the most fortunate position of having knowledge of the Urantia Book can also heartily participate in the fifth attempt to bring revelatory truth to mankind at an age when it is most needed.

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