You Think It Is Easy?

Jim Watkins

There are good things and bad things when it comes to holding the fifth epochal revelation in your hand. It is a wonderful thing to know about God’s presence in your life, how grace can make all the difference when faced against the challenges of mortal striving. The Urantia Book provided the answers that make all of the puzzles fit. And because I know this and have had 40 years to think about it, I know my life has been better for it.

Still, there are downsides to having such good fortune.

To know so many people suffer needlessly because they do not have the experience of the God-child relationship is burdensome. God remains aloof from too many of our fellow human beings, misled or misguided, who do not know there is available to each of us a real relationship to be experienced between the spirit Creator and the spirit-child.

The question becomes how do I, as one who knows the experience firsthand, assist others into choosing the path of spiritual discovery?

Jesus teaches us to share the good news about the gospel. Do you know the gospel? Does anyone?

Let me state it simply. The gospel is the teaching in which God is the spiritual father of us, and we, thereby become spiritual brothers and sisters through this relationship. In Christianity Christ bridges to gulf between God and man. The experience of sonship (or daughtership) with God is open to all.

Such a divine fellowship will not make us perfect overnight, but it leads us collectively to a better state of civilization where we all profit from

  1. Peace and security
  2. Prosperity and social collaborations
  3. Less wars and political tyranny
  4. Better mental, physical and spiritual well being.

As the example of Havona, with its billion perfect spheres populated by instantly created well-nigh perfect beings, the model for the universe, even Havona lacks one quality we possess: actual experience of ascension, going from mortal and human, to everlastingly embraced by the Creator source of all personality relationships in the entire cosmos, a creator who has the power to make such things possible. This is who we worship, not because we are slavish subjects to a tyrannical king, but because we are loved by the source of all love, a love we willingly recipricate out of an intrinsic urge to seek God and become more like him.

And this same love can permeate through society via a strong fellowship to divine causes.

Discovery of God is the beginning, where you see life through the eyes of a cosmic citizen who’s very home is the universe at hand.

But these truths mean nothing to a person who has no spiritual soil in which to grow.

Most people today do not have the benefit of growing up under a biblical influence. In schools, history is void of the great lessons learned from prolific thinkers and writers who shaped Occidental civilization. Young adults today grew up with the cookie monster, and still later, Teletubbies and Cat in the Hat (though Dr, Suess does have redeeming qualities because of the way he played with words).

A kid from the 90’s and forward knows almost nothing about the writngs of Plato or Socrates, and if they did learn something about history it was revisionist history.

Mush is a good word to describe what lies in the minds of most publicly-schooled children, with a healthy dose of narcissism to boot. Today’s child is taught to feel, not think. The pursuit of knowledge has been replaced by the pursuit of virtue-signalling, of writing wrongs of the past, including the erasure of most classic literature, including even the writings of Mark Twain, who had the audacious and irredeemable gall, in the year 1885, to use the N word.

The kingdom of God means nothing to the average man on the street today because he sees such fantasy as somewhere else where he does not live.

But to me the kingdom of heaven, once intrenched in our moral code, is not where you live, but how you live with the idea of being connected to a much greater purpose than just making a living everyday and trying to amass as much material goods as possible before you die and leave all of that stuff for someone else to deal with.

Ekhtar Tolley accurately states that, when we attach ourselves to things, we become prisoners of the material world, and everything we own is tied up in them.

But to be truly free, one must broaden one’s vision to include not just our home, our city and our country. Our vision must also include all time and space; the time ahead when our future self will be advancing spiritually, achieving step by step the experience of actual living as a personality who chooses to be a citizen of a much larger existence, even one that encompassess all of the stars in heaven.

Thus has God said, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.”

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