The Bible vs The Urantia Book

Why do we need the Urantia Book when we have the Bible? I am allowed to state my opinion. I hope it is not offensive to the people who absolutely adore the Bible. Up until the Urantia Book came along I had no issue with the Bible. In fact, my father and I often talked… Continue reading The Bible vs The Urantia Book


Relevance, Part 2

People may ask why I bother with these podcasts and articles. The Urantia Book is  one of a million books out there that claim some kind of revelatory expose; why spend the time and energy discussing such unorthodox subject matter? I don’t happen to think The Urantia Book is just one of those atypical books,… Continue reading Relevance, Part 2


The Relevancy Of The Urantia Book to Modern Theology, Part 1

Far few people know the Urantia Book exists, much less know the most important facet of the 1955 publication is its 700 page-plus narrative of the life and teachings of the founder of the worlds most popular religion. Apparently, this man Jesus of Nazareth is so important to the heavenly world, it was deemed necessary… Continue reading The Relevancy Of The Urantia Book to Modern Theology, Part 1


100 Years Of Revelation

This month we celebrate 100 years since the Revelators' began speaking to us through the Urantia Book. It began when a Chicago physician and educator, Dr. William Sadler and Dr. Lena Sadler, both of whom had impeccable reputations among the professional class of what was then glorious Chicago at its industrial peak, formed a forum… Continue reading 100 Years Of Revelation