The Bible vs The Urantia Book

Why do we need the Urantia Book when we have the Bible?

I am allowed to state my opinion. I hope it is not offensive to the people who absolutely adore the Bible. Up until the Urantia Book came along I had no issue with the Bible. In fact, my father and I often talked about the Bible in an open and honest discussion about what we thought the book represented.

Again, I am no expert. But the Bible is the work of men searching for God. As you move from the Book of Genesis up until you arrive at Revelations, you see the growth concept of God expand. And why not? The time between Genesis and Revelations could be measured as starting with the days of Adam (though there are some references that date back to the days of Dalamatia) to the present day. That equals over 40,000 years of history.

How do I know this?

Because the Urantia Book told me about it. It filled in the missing gaps before and after Adam and Eve joined us; from the Urantia Book we learn about the preceding 4 billion years even before there was life on our little planet, and this is why I love the Urantia Book, but am not bothered by the fact that it has more information that I might find in the Bible.

The Bible is a work of men inspired by God; the Urantia Book is not a humanely inspired document. It was mandated by Gabriel and commissioned by the Ancients of Days. Gabriel is the literal CEO of our local creation; The Ancients of Daysare three high-state personalities who represent the justice actions of the Trinity, they are trinity-origin beings. For these entities to mandate a revelation as we now have in our possession is both epochal and significant.

As a much younger person, I used to say the Urantia Book is the biggest headline of the century, and yet no one knows about it.
I believe this is by design. The masses are simply not ready for this much truth, this much explanation, or even this much information. The Urantia Book also seems to attract personalities who have a foundation relationship with God, and who generally don’t like organized religion, to begin with, or have become disenchanted by the institution of religion.

Over time the Urantia Book teachings will pay out great dividends as more and more people are exposed to it. The book, many readers say, seems to find those looking for it.

The question of the Bible or the Urantia Book is moot. There is no reason to have just one. Each serves a great purpose and neither conflicts with the other in terms of telling the story of a loving Creator whose only wish is to have a relationship with his created children.


3 thoughts on “The Bible vs The Urantia Book

  1. Well said.
    As a therapist in private practice,
    I’ve been finding that ““assigning” selected stories from the life of Jesus ( familiar ones from the Bible) is a good way to introduce people to the UB. Still, it’s rare to find people who have the intuition to recognize how mind- blowing the book is, as I ( and many others of my generation) did in the 70’s .


    1. Agreed. It seems the common denominators of readers seem to be
      those open to a larger view of the cosmos as being a living entity (perhaps groomed by early 1960s Sci Fi books and movies)
      disgruntled with popular religions but still hungry for a relationship with God
      People who are grounded in science but also have genuine respect for spiritual ideals

      People not interested are
      dogmatic to begin with
      hate religion altogether
      simply have zero interest in anything other than living in the now


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