This podcast series explores The Urantia Book, a four-part collection of writings which explain the totality of reality.

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Message from The Gods Urantia Radio Podcast

Two discussions, the first on advice the Most Highs give us on how to evolve a proper government, and also talking about the purpose of the Urantia Book in my life and how the revelation has grown in 60 years as new truth is given to mankind. Despite our challenges and setbacks, there is real hope ahead. — Support this podcast:
  1. Message from The Gods
  2. The Inner Self
  3. May 18 – The Jubilee of Jubilees (and why there is a huge party in Heaven)
  4. The Resurrection
  5. The Origin of the Gods – How the Urantia Book Explains Ancient Aliens, with my guest Joel Garbon
  6. What Is Truth? (Epilogue to our earlier discussion of Lucifer's impact on modern society)
  7. The Lucifer Rebellion
  8. The Second Coming
  9. Who Were The Twenty-Four Elders from Revelations?
  10. Thoughts on Jesus

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  1. Dear Steve, thank you. I appreciate your comments. Let me clarify that when I mentioned the Quran as “divine,” my point was that to the followers of Islam, their book is seen as Holy, not that it is.

    Thank you for giving me a chance to clarify my statement.


  2. I just listened to ten reasons to read the UB, and it was good. Unfortunately the narrator made the fatal mistake if lying about the truth about Islam. He said the Quran is a Divine work, which is absolutely false at all levels. Islam is evil, anti-Christ, and at least as bad as Communism or Markism. I know of what i speak, i have studied it for years. Three hundred years after Mohammed died people finally started writing something down as the Quran. Islam is complete submission and fear, Mohammed ruled by terror. UBers constantly try to lump Islam with other religions, impossible, Islam is a political ideology, and sees nothing as credible but Islam. Islam is incapable of reform. Islam must die for Mankind to advance. Islam is the product of collaboration with Caligastia.


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