Evolution of Mind Urantia Audio Podcast

The Urantia Book describes how mind evolution took place over time, and in the culmination of the appearance of truly intelligent man 998,000 years ago we witness the appearance of Andon and Fonta, the first two true human beings.  From Paper 62, section 6 for those who want to read along — Support this podcast:
  1. Evolution of Mind
  2. God and the Individual
  3. The Science
  4. Havona
  5. When Adam and Eve Came
  6. Family
  7. The Ten Commandments
  8. The Real Religious Experience
  9. Joseph, Mary and the Star
  10. The Lucifer Rebellion


The Next Great Stage

There is a 24-hour Urantia-thon going August 7th. A literal who’s who of long-time and familiar names from the global Urantia community are among those gathering on Zoom. People will share ideas, projects, essays, works and music, all of it from the shared appreciation of the fifth epochal revelation. This is perhaps the beginning of …

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Adam and Eve

I have been feverishly attempting to do an episode on Adam and Eve on my podcast. Do you think anyone cares about them? Should they care? After all, Adam and Eve share genetic history with most of us, we get our art appreciation and heightened gifts from them, we learned about family from them AND …

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  1. robert asinyo-avorkpo

    1.what convinced me that the book is true is.theosophical society leaders travellled alot and gathered many materials that even the bible have not share ,likewise the immaculate conception .the truth is there but you must desire 2.i have been able to convinced friends because my concept of GOD is now profound and i speak from a very,very far will really take time for the book to be accepted fully but in books,especially LUCIFERS REBELLION can add more light to those who want to know

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