What Is Urantia Radio and The Urantia Radio Podcast?

Urantia Radio is an idea I came up with in 2010 to continuously stream information about the Urantia Book on a global platform. While the listenership grew and reach was global, tech changed fast and within a few years, audiences favored a download on-demand approach which we now call podcasting, and thus the Urantia Radio Podcast was born. 

UrantiaRadio.net was created to have a starting point for people who want to easily access the podcast. In addition, I write several columns a month about Urantia Book-related topics that are posted on UrantiaRadio.net

The site and the podcast introduce relevant topics pertaining to The Urantia Book, and my goal is twofold: to introduce Urantia Book topics to people who may not know, or have just discovered the Urantia Book, and to provide a place where those familiar with its teachings can enjoy thought-provoking discussion about this incredible treasure-trove of advanced spiritual teachings.

If things like faith, history, science, human behavior, astronomy, philosophy, life and death meanings, or the afterlife are interesting to you, then I think you will have a good time here. You will definitely hear things on this podcast you will not hear anywhere else, and it might just broaden your horizons.

I started this podcast because I was lucky enough to meet the Urantia Book in 1980, the same year I began my broadcasting career. It would be selfish for me not to share the fact that we are in possession of an epochal revelation, especially since there are now great tools available to us to help  “share the good news.”

Thanks for stopping by.

Jim Watkins has been studying the Urantia Book for 40 years and is also a professional writer and broadcaster.