What is the difference between the Jesus in the Bible and the Jesus in the Urantia Book?

October 25, 2021 (Dedicated to my late mother on her birthday. She read the Life of Jesus and shared her love for it with me. It gave us an unbreakable bond for her remaning years of life). The Jesus of the Urantia Book and the Jesus of the Holy Bible are the same person. Both… Continue reading What is the difference between the Jesus in the Bible and the Jesus in the Urantia Book?

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Presenting the Urantia Book

Click below to download the Joel Garbon Powerpoint presentation he delivered in February 2020 in Laughlin, Nevada at the UFO Mega Conference in which he was invited to make a presentation. joel-garbon-ub-presentationDownload Joel Garbon is an industrial science consultant by trade and his specific knowledge is in chemistry and breakthrough energy technology, a subject he… Continue reading Presenting the Urantia Book


Urantia Book 101 – Effective Prayer

IIn this short video I go through the best of the best from the Urantia Book on what it says about prayer and the most effective way to approach such a solemn and enriching act. These are the words of the divine spirit children of God's eternal creation sharing with us tips on how to… Continue reading Urantia Book 101 – Effective Prayer

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Urantia Book 101 – ORIGIN OF MODERN MAN

In this debut series we look at what the Urantia Book says about the true origins of modern man, how he evolved and under what conditions. In this video I take you through the last 1 million years and break down the evolutionary path by which man traveled to become what he is today, homo… Continue reading Urantia Book 101 – ORIGIN OF MODERN MAN


Serve, Not Save

After almost 60 years I have figured out a real truth. Instead of wanting to save people, why don’t we, instead, serve people? That has been my problem all of these years, always feeling like I need to save people, not serve them. The world is full of people who want to save us, from… Continue reading Serve, Not Save


The Family

I have been doing a tremendous amount of thinking about this, and I want to share it with you for a moment. I believe the family is the root of a progressive and peaceful civilization. The individual family, the core nuclear family, man and woman, husband and wife, committed to the raising of one or… Continue reading The Family


Spread The Word

There is no doubt in my mind that we who have discovered the Urantia revelation can be the new teachers to people who sit in darkness. No one is here to convert or proselytize new believers, let’s leave that to the old wine-skin crowd; we just need to share the good news of the kingdom,… Continue reading Spread The Word

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Scientists Assert Man is Nothing But a Cosmic Accident

Reading an article entitled Intelligent Life Can’t Really Exist Anywhere Else, by Caroline Delbert. It’s her take on an Oxford scientific study that seems to assert it is improbable intelligent life like our own could exist anywhere else, that because of its complex nature, we may actually be alone in the universe. In newly published research from Oxford… Continue reading Scientists Assert Man is Nothing But a Cosmic Accident


What Exactly Is A Urantian?

What is the difference between the Christian and Urantia Worldview? By James R. Watkins In that I was brought up in what I consider to be a typical Judeo-Christian culture, and having spent the better part of forty years studying the Urantia papers, I think I can offer some perspective on the differences between what… Continue reading What Exactly Is A Urantian?

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The Great Ideological Struggle

by James R. Watkins August 19, 2019 The great ideological struggle of the modern age is between Faith and Secularism, between those who "hold these truths to be self-evident," and those who believe the world is what we make it, that we are simply human beings whose rights come from the society in which we… Continue reading The Great Ideological Struggle