A Better Way

You read a lot these days about Americans becoming less religious. A recent Gallup poll suggests that more and more people are not identifying as being Catholic or Protestant (in other words Christian) or no longer attending church or synagogue. All of this may be true, but are people truly becoming less religious or is … Continue reading A Better Way

What If Jesus Had Lived To Be 80?

Ponder this. Let us say in our universe there are 10 million worlds that have life. That isn’t very much when you consider there are 100 million stars or more in just our local region of space, that would be roughly 1 world per 10 solar systems if it were true. We are told God … Continue reading What If Jesus Had Lived To Be 80?

The Wilson Connection

Let us draw illustrations that indicate it is not until man has the first internal dialogue with Self that true intellectual growth begins to occur. It is in fact, this internal conversation between self and ego that determines growth. Remember the movie Cast Away with Tom Hanks? Remember Wilson, the volleyball he speaks to at about midway … Continue reading The Wilson Connection

The Family

I have been doing a tremendous amount of thinking about this, and I want to share it with you for a moment. I believe the family is the root of a progressive and peaceful civilization. The individual family, the core nuclear family, man and woman, husband and wife, committed to the raising of one or … Continue reading The Family