Serve, Not Save

After almost 60 years I have figured out a real truth. Instead of wanting to save people, why don’t we, instead, serve people?

That has been my problem all of these years, always feeling like I need to save people, not serve them. The world is full of people who want to save us, from our selves, from pain, from discomfort, from having our feelings hurt or our ego’s bruised. And then there are organization who want to save us, you and me, from other people, like racists, or bigots, or men and whoever. It is always about saving, but it should really be about serving.

The difference between the two is enormous. When we save people we put ourselves on a pedestal, we anoint ourselves the privilege of knowing how to best save someone from something that we perceive to be wrong or dangerous; we think we are serving them by saving them. What actually transpires is you insert yourself as being superior, as if you alone can determine what lesson can be learned at hand by the person you are supposedly saving. We feel better when we try to save others without doing any serving.

The desire to serve someone requires nothing from them, only what I choose to do for them. When you save someone you are doing something they may, or may not want, or even ask for.

Take the pandemic, for example. I didn’t ask the CDC or the government to give me guidance once I heard that if you wash your hands, keep distant and try to live a healthy life, your chances are 3 in a 1000 you might get sick. Once I understood the conditions, I was quite prepared to live life, knowing the risk. I didn’t ask for shutdowns, I didn’t ask for mask mandates, and while I understand the need to save, what about just the desire to serve, like asking an elderly friend if you could go to store for them, or just bring them a meal, check in, make sure they can get to the hospital if they need a friend to drive them. When did we serve? No. Instead we were told to avoid others, to stay in doors, to keep away. Who told us this? The people who want to save us, from ourselves.

I’m not suggesting healthcare workers didn’t serve. Of course they did, they decided to make it their life to serve. But the leaders, the Fauci’s, the media hype about death and new case counts, government leaders shutting down schools and businesses based on little science, all of it came from a desire by some to save us, but no necessarily to serve us, unless you think a $1400 stimulus check is being served.

Even in my own life so much energy is sometimes wasted on writings or blogging, or tweeting, trying to ‘wake people up,’ to save them from fake news, or whatever, to get them out of the matrix. You know, the thing that drives us to be talk show hosts, or opinion anchors, people like Joy Reid, Don Lemon, Nicole Wallace, Stephanie Ruhle, Hannity, Levin, all trying to save us from whom they deem to be dangerous, people who think differently from them, people who can hurt you, they say.

Even religious people need to save you.

Is that serving?

Saving can also be misguided, wasted energy; when you serve you receive a form of spiritual energy. It feels good to serve, to do nice things for people with no expectation of anything in return.

Even if it is a little thing, serving is man’s best choice when it comes to living. It not only measures good character but also enhances character development. What other act achieves this result?

Christians will even tell you, Jesus never said to go out and save souls but he did say go out and serve your fellow man.

The Family

I have been doing a tremendous amount of thinking about this, and I want to share it with you for a moment.

I believe the family is the root of a progressive and peaceful civilization.

The individual family, the core nuclear family, man and woman, husband and wife, committed to the raising of one or several children to be decent, well-balanced citizens, as well as preparing this child for spiritual growth with the knowledge of God, is our primary goal in this life.

Believe it or not, this is not a popular idea today, and to many, this is actually offensive, or deemed exclusive, the idea of family being the most important thing for society.

The reason is because so many people haven’t had such a family, and thus society is breaking down.

The family unit is the basic building block of society, and if this isn’t a shared reality then the very foundation of society becomes unstable, erratic, conflicted, contentious, alas, broken and fractured.

Look around you.

I recently penned an article called The Fall of Man in which I write the following:

Whether it is poverty, famine, bad leadership, or whatever ill faces the common man, hundreds of millions of people will die or will live miserably because the wrong things motivate our leaders.

Not until we are motivated by service, love and compassion will leadership lead to a more enlightened path; not until our families and our institutions promote true and moral leadership – all of which starts in the home – will things improve for the common human.

Everything starts in the home. If mankind can save the home we can save ourselves.

Society is in danger, we are going through an interesting period indeed.

People not having children, young people not getting married, these are signs of disintegration, not progress.

Without family, whole members of society have crumbled.

When we have government trying to raise family through ineffective welfare policies that reward idleness, we see what we are witnessing today

So now from 82 section 6 we get this summary on the importance of the male-female relationship, and then we will jump into the important of the home and family life

84:6.6 Men and women need each other in their morontial and spiritual as well as in their mortal careers. The differences in viewpoint between male and female persist even beyond the first life and throughout the local and superuniverse ascensions.

And even in Havona, the pilgrims who were once men and women will still be aiding each other in the Paradise ascent. Never, even in the Corps of the Finality, will the creature metamorphose so far as to obliterate the personality trends that humans call male and female; always will these two basic variations of humankind continue to intrigue, stimulate, encourage, and assist each other; always will they be mutually dependent on co-operation in the solution of perplexing universe problems and in the overcoming of manifold cosmic difficulties.

84:6.7 While the sexes never can hope fully to understand each other, they are effectively complementary, and though co-operation is often more or less personally antagonistic, it is capable of maintaining and reproducing society. Marriage is an institution designed to compose sex differences, meanwhile effecting the continuation of civilization and insuring the reproduction of the race.

84:6.8 Marriage is the mother of all human institutions, for it leads directly to home founding and home maintenance, which is the structural basis of society. The family is vitally linked to the mechanism of self-maintenance; it is the sole hope of race perpetuation under the mores of civilization, while at the same time it most effectively provides certain highly satisfactory forms of self-gratification. The family is man’s greatest purely human achievement, combining as it does the evolution of the biologic relations of male and female with the social relations of husband and wife.

and there is this…

As are the families of the race or nation, so is its society. If the families are good, the society is likewise good. The great cultural stability of the Jewish and of the Chinese peoples lies in the strength of their family groups.

The mores (religious, moral, and ethical), together with property, pride, and chivalry, stabilize the institutions of marriage and family. Whenever the mores fluctuate, there is fluctuation in the stability of the home-marriage institution.

84:7.27 In the present industrial and urban era the marriage institution is evolving along new economic lines. Family life has become more and more costly, while children, who used to be an asset, have become economic liabilities. But the security of civilization itself still rests on the growing willingness of one generation to invest in the welfare of the next and future generations. And any attempt to shift parental responsibility to state or church will prove suicidal to the welfare and advancement of civilization.

…and here is why:

84:7.28 Marriage, with children and consequent family life, is stimulative of the highest potentials in human nature and simultaneously provides the ideal avenue for the expression of these quickened attributes of mortal personality. The family provides for the biologic perpetuation of the human species. The home is the natural social arena wherein the ethics of blood brotherhood may be grasped by the growing children. The family is the fundamental unit of fraternity in which parents and children learn those lessons of patience, altruism, tolerance, and forbearance which are so essential to the realization of brotherhood among all men.

….even in the Papers where we learn of an advancing race of humans we learn…

72:3.4 These people regard the home as the basic institution of their civilization. It is expected that the most valuable part of a child’s education and character training will be secured from his parents and at home, and fathers devote almost as much attention to child culture as do mothers.

What is the greatest threat to us today, to our civilization? It is the breakdown of the family unit.

84:8.1 The great threat against family life is the menacing rising tide of self-gratification, the modern pleasure mania. The prime incentive to marriage used to be economic; sex attraction was secondary. Marriage, founded on self-maintenance, led to self-perpetuation and concomitantly provided one of the most desirable forms of self-gratification. 

Property accumulation is becoming an instrument for augmenting all forms of self-gratification, while marriage is often viewed only as a means of pleasure. And this overindulgence, this widely spread pleasure mania, now constitutes the greatest threat that has ever been leveled at the social evolutionary institution of family life, the home.

Man has well earned some of his present-day joys and pleasures. But look you well to the goal of destiny! Pleasures are indeed suicidal if they succeed in destroying property, which has become the institution of self-maintenance; and self-gratifications have indeed cost a fatal price if they bring about the collapse of marriage, the decadence of family life, and the destruction of the home—man’s supreme evolutionary acquirement and civilization’s only hope of survival.

…and then there is this notation from Paper 111, on the topic of soul development which occurs in the home, regarding the consequence of young people who may, when they become pre-ccupied with things instead of values become a threat to civilization…

111:4.3 The advances of true civilization are all born in this inner world of mankind. It is only the inner life that is truly creative. Civilization can hardly progress when the majority of the youth of any generation devote their interests and energies to the materialistic pursuits of the sensory or outer world.

111:4.4 The inner and the outer worlds have a different set of values. Any civilization is in jeopardy when three quarters of its youth enter materialistic professions and devote themselves to the pursuit of the sensory activities of the outer world. Civilization is in danger when youth neglect to interest themselves in ethics, sociology, eugenics, philosophy, the fine arts, religion, and cosmology.

84:8.7 [Presented by the Chief of Seraphim stationed on Urantia.]

Did Humanity Receive a New Revelation?

An Argument for the Assertion on the Revelatory Importance of the Urantia Book. 

By its own claim of being a revelation of spiritual and historical truth we are called to evaluate this assertion on the premise that, if true, such a revelation could have an enormous societal impact spanning the next century and beyond.

The implications are indeed enormous in scope if such revelatory statements can, after being critically examined, validate the Urantia Book as a credible and dynamic source of revealed information regarding cosmology, our human history, our planetary evolution, our approach to understanding the known universe, even about God, the purpose of creation itself and even what could await each of us beyond the grave.

Already thousands of statements appear valid within the Urantia Book text that simply couldn’t not have been conclusive at the time of their writings in 1934 and 1935, or even in 1941 when the final plated texts were cast and subsequently printed in 1951 by RR Donnelly & Co. in Chicago.

It is a fact that almost every new scientific discovery of the last one-hundred years has unintentionally validated Urantia book revelation in every nearly field of scientific or academic study including history, genealogy, biology, theology, anthropology, archeology, eugenics, astronomy, and physics.

What has been consistently remarkable since its 1955 publication is that science foretold in the Urantia papers were made before such statements could be validated as established fact by the scientific community at a much later date.

For example, tectonic plate activity and continental land drift may have been theories in 1941 when the Urantia Book was printed, but it wasn’t until 1961 when sonar technology and satellite imagery proved plate tectonics was occurring and that continental drift has been in motion since the beginning of early earth. Meanwhile this whole process is confidently explained in the Urantia papers long before science could confirm, with 100% accuracy, confirm it. Lucky guess? Perhaps.

Then there is the migration and cultural habits of the Neanderthal. Through the examination of tools, bones and other artifacts discovered recently throughout Europe and Asia in the last thirty-years, along with further recent genetic studies which reveal early hominid interbreeding between homo sapiens and the Neanderthal, the Urantia Book had already outlined this process – with incredible accuracy – in 1941.

You ask yourself again and again, how did the authors of the Urantia papers get it right?

The explanation of retrograde planetary motion is still being debated among those in the astronomy community, Physicists, including the late Stephen Hawking, conjectured retrograde motion was caused by a passing sun or external black hole with great gravity-pull that might have caused a tidal shift-effect on certain planets in our solar system, causing them to rotate in the opposite direction as Uranus and certain moons of Jupiter and Saturn spin counter-clockwise.

This happens to be the same explanation the Urantia Book asserted in 1941. Lucky guess, again? Maybe.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg of newly revealed revelation being offered to anyone who wants to download the book FOR FREE on their smart phone.

Some call it a religious text, but it is also a history book, a history of God himself and of time and a history of space that seems to fit with current modern theory, with some glaring differences, but only because science appears to be a little behind. The Urantia papers were discussing “gravity centers” and “dark islands of space” long before science discovered such things as “dark matter,” and “black holes.”

There are a number of conclusive studies which show an advancement in human genetics and intellectual development occurring about 40,000 years ago, published in the New York Times in 2002. The Urantia authors state emphatically that a new superior race was being introduced, and this was the Adamic race.

Could this be true, that a spiritually advance mortal Son and female counterpart named Eve came here to found a new race? Is this why it is written in the Bible and several other religious histories? It’s a tall claim, but could it fill in missing gaps? Yes, that is what it claims.

And science seems to be confirming it.

Further examples of some of revelatory insight:

The Urantia Book confirms the evolutionary process in which reptiles gave way to birds, who then gave way to mammals, but not until it was actually confirmed by findings was this theory accepted as fact in 1992.

Again, in 1941 the Urantia Book had already laid out the process with excruciating detail.

Good guess? How many times can you be lucky?

Physicist and mathematician Dr. Phillip Calabrese, retired professor at University of California San Diego puts the odds at fifty-million to one that who ever authored the Urantia Book could have correctly predicted the now hundreds of scientific discoveries only recently confirmed by modern science. There might be one or even several minor syntax errors, but it is 99% percent correct on what we can be proven, and that is why we, people, from all fields of study should investigate.

And if enough people come to conclusion that we actually do have a living revelation on our hands, then we absolutely should share this good news with the world.

…and we haven’t even touched upon the spiritual information contained in the so-called two-thousand-page tome.

Let’s not forget the most important aspect of the Urantia Book. If it truly a revelation, which it claims to be, then we have in our possession for the first time in two-thousand years, a literal day by day account of Jesus, which comprises over seven-hundred pages of text.

Such a scope of work deserves scholarly review of the highest order. We need esteemed theologians from every faith to examine these papers and submit an opinion; we need the Church which bears his name to validate, or refute the testimony provided therein; we need honest evaluation by Christians who can accept – or deny – the revelatory account that which whom we have all pledged our lives to, following Jesus Christ, the Son of Man and the Son of God.

And who is to say this wasn’t sanction by Jesus himself.

One could easily cast these claims aside if it were not so strange that The Urantia Book turns out to be right about a great many things.

How would such revealed knowledge change our view of life, and of even ourselves? 

How would knowing we are not alone change our perception, especially if we are being given a book that informs us of the details, down to the number of celestial beings who are typically on call from day to day? 

Could it be true that we are all individuals impregnated by a spiritual light that comes from the same source that made all of those burnings suns possible. Is that so hard to believe? Do the great religions of this world not teach of such a divine presence?

No other text claims to be a revelation. And if such a book exists, it would be hard to replicate the detail provided in the book I have just described.

In my humble but assertive opinion, we owe it to ourselves to validate this book as much as possible so we can start to learn more about what these authors intended us to know.

Such spiritual knowledge could help huminity in ways I can only imagine, starting with the truth that we are all part of a much larger plan, a truth that could stir every living soul.

Jesus Would Be Canceled

How would Jesus fit in today?  I have often pondered this in the context of the next bestowal. How would people react today if there were a Son of God among us?

Let us say there were reports of a highly educated religious man today whose writings and teachings were making headlines in the Middle East preaching about God’s love, about taking responsibility for ones actions, and serving others, gathering a huge following; how would such a man be received in today’s world?

In our generation we have not experienced a spiritual teacher gaining headlines. But I suspect that one such person might exist, sadly, this is how our culture would respond. Let us say this mans name is Joshua.

They would ask him, “What are your views on LGBTQ? “

Joshua would answer, “Live for spiritual realities, these are the enduring values of our loving father.”

They would ask him, “What are you views on gay marriage?”

Joshua would answer, “What is best for the child?”

They would ask him, “What are your views on people of color?”

Joshua would say, “In my father’s eyes, there are no colors; only that all lives are precious, even the unborn.”

They would scratch the next question about abortion.

They would then ask him, “What are your views on oppression based on a patriarchal power structure?”

Joshua would answer, “Serve your brothers as you would have them serve you; show compassion, even against your accusers.”

And finally they would ask him, “Why can’t we worship whatever we want, who are you to tell us what to do?”

And Joshua would answer, “It is your faith that saves you, and I have seen the Father. If you knew more about him, you would fall in love with him, The Father is love.”

And then the crowd in unison, the news media, the bloggers and social media army, would collectively charge Joshua with hate crimes, and that all who follow him as equally xenophobic, as well as being inherently racist misogynistic males!

Joshua would then be canceled, never to be seen from again. A digital crucifixion.

His name and relevance removed from the internet-of-things.

And that is what we have become.

I, however, have faith this will turn around in the future, but for now, all I can do is watch silently as people, my fellow man in alarmingly larger numbers, make fools of themselves, as children often do.